Alibaba Cloud is China’s leading Cloud network. For our Australian clients who do business in or with China, Alibaba Cloud can be an efficient way to ensure a local presence and easily demonstrate compliance with Chinese internet security standards.

Alibaba Cloud is similar to AWS, Azure and Google Cloud in that it is a Cloud computing platform.

It allows you to store data in the Cloud, rather than on site, and makes it possible to:

  • Avoid outlay for expensive onsite hardware, such as servers
  • Escape the need to upgrade hardware
  • Minimise electricity costs
  • Scale easily to suit your business storage needs
  • Access files anytime, anywhere (with internet) which enables collaboration
  • Ensure regular data backups which prevents data loss

How we help

Choosing the right Cloud platform to meet your needs can be tricky, as can working out how to get started, or how to migrate safely and without affecting productivity in your office.

We will partner with you to understand what you want out of a Cloud solution, and then explain the process that will help you get there.

At Empreus IT, we can work with you to:

  • Understand the various service offerings through Alibaba Cloud and how they can support your business
  • Set up your Alibaba Cloud account
  • Migrate on premise data to the Cloud
  • Ensure reliable and ongoing connectivity
  • Maximise internal security
  • Help with internal adoption and use
  • Provide ongoing Cloud managed services

To learn more about Alibaba Cloud, please call us on (02) 6189 1322 or contact us.