BitLocker is a Microsoft Windows built-in security feature that protects data by encrypting it. The feature is included in the Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise and Education versions, as well as Windows Server 2008 and later.

BitLocker management may be auto-enabled by hardware manufacturers, or users can enable it on set-up.

Once BitLocker is enabled, all files saved locally to the computer or server are encrypted. This is to prevent data theft if your hard drive is stolen, as the data can only be accessed once you input the BitLocker recovery key.

Unfortunately, we see many instances where customers have not recorded their BitLocker recovery key. The customers’ device malfunctions, or even performs a simple update, and the system will not allow access to files without it.

For these customers, there is no possible way to retrieve the data unless it has been backed up to an external drive or the cloud. Quite often, they lose everything.

How we can help

Empreus IT provides BitLocker management as an optional add on to our Managed IT Services agreements.

Our BitLocker management includes:

  • permanent record of the recovery key
  • documented asset tag

We can manage this process whether you are adding a few extra devices to your business, or rolling out all new PCs and servers across multiple sites.

This low-cost service is extremely valuable, as it could well save you and your business from total data loss in the future.

To learn more about BitLocker management and Managed Services agreements, get in touch.