Cloud Services For Your Canberra Business

Although moving to the Cloud may reduce your dependence on physical IT infrastructure, it does not reduce your need for quality IT support and management for your Canberra business.

Working in the Cloud has its share of complexities and should be managed by an experienced IT professional to ensure the following:

  • Maximum security
  • Ease of use
  • Ultimate ROI
  • Fluidity of service
  • Compliance

Managed IT Services

Professional IT companies often offer complete managed IT services arrangements to monitor, repair, and upgrade your cloud services proactively on an ongoing basis, ensuring that your Canberra business has the most effective IT to meet your needs.

This professional service can give you peace of mind that your Canberra business’s IT operations are taken care of and will work (and continue to work) as needed. So your Canberra team can dedicate their energy and time to focusing on what they do best.

Managed Services agreements by professional IT companies offer:

  • Help desk support and troubleshooting
  • Priority scheduling
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Regular backups
  • Repairs and upgrades
  • Consulting on new Cloud opportunities

Our expertise in Cloud covers virtualisation, hybrid Cloud and total cloud configurations, working across various platforms including Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

Fixed price agreements

Sourcing, managing and training your internal team to manage IT can be expensive and time-consuming. By having a professional IT company as  your outsourced partner, they take on the role of an internal IT team to ensure you always have support when you need it most.

Fixed price agreements provided by professional IT companies make it easy to incorporate IT budgeting into your yearly spending and mitigate the risk of having to pay a random company (who does not know your business) a small fortune to fight spot fires when they arise. This allows your business to take a proactive and measured approach to managing your IT this year while maximising return on your Cloud investment.

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