With technology advancing at rapid rates, IT hardware (computers, laptops, servers, tablets and so on) is being superseded at lightning speeds.

And while you’d be crazy to upgrade every single time a newer model comes out, letting it go for 10 years or more can have serious implications for security, compatibility and user experience.

When your business does decide to upgrade, you are then faced with a dilemma:

What are you going to do with all that old hardware? And, how are you going to ensure that all of your data is completely wiped to prevent people from seeing your confidential information?

Wiping your data

Before you decide what to do with your old hardware – sell it or throw it – you need to wipe every trace of data from it. Every computer, tablet, laptop and server you replace must be completely wiped before it leaves your premises.

Throwing computers in the trash leaves you at risk of people stealing your intellectual property. It may also be a breach of your obligation as a business owner to protect the privacy of staff and customers.

You can contact us to perform a thorough clean of your old hardware. We use a special software to completely wipe all data from it, so that no data recovery tool can recover any information.

Selling your hardware

Sometimes it is possible to sell old hardware, if it is not too out-dated. You could do this via an online sales platform. Just keep in mind that the time and cost to move, store, photograph, upload, negotiate and finalise the sale may be more than what it is actually worth.

Hardware disposal

If your hardware is really out-dated and you aren’t keen to sell it, we can manage the disposal for you.

We will pick it up from your office and dispose of it responsibly. If we can recycle any of the parts, we may not charge a disposal fee. If we cannot recycle parts, we will charge a small fee for the time it takes to pick it up and take it to the tip.

To learn more about data wiping and hardware disposal, please give Empreus IT a call on (02) 6189 1322 or contact us.