Successful business owners know documentation is essential for keeping their company running like clockwork.

Without it, how would you onboard or upskill new staff with internal practices and policies, or minimise the impact of a highly knowledgeable staff member leaving your organisation?

At Empreus IT, we believe that documenting all of the elements that make up your IT systems is vital to success.

This is why we offer full documentation for your IT environment, including:

  • how your network is laid out
  • the way systems connect
  • how your VPN works
  • critical workflows
  • security processes
  • and much more

We can document everything about your system and the way it operates, so you are fully equipped to share the information as it’s needed.

Documentation as a Managed Service

Once you have your documentation, it’s crucial to keep it up to date. Documentation that becomes irrelevant can be very time consuming and costly to update.

We provide this capability as a Managed Service, so you never need to worry about the currency of your documentation again.

As your environment changes or is upgraded, we will update all of the associated documents and store them for you.

This gives you peace of mind that your business’s documentation is always accessible when it’s needed, and your employee handbook includes everything your staff need to do their job well.

To learn more about documentation as a Managed Service, simply contact us.