When you have different users working in different departments across your organisation, you need a system that controls how these users and departments access certain information on your server.

This is called Group Policy Management, and is a very useful security feature for all businesses that employ staff.

Group Policy Management basically allows you to:

  • Control a user’s access so they can only see what you want them to see
  • Block or restrict access to certain “management only” folders
  • Enforce password controls, including complexity (so they can’t set a 123 password)
  • Prevent unidentified users from being able to access the network

Setting up Group Policy is a simple way to manage access, and (in some businesses) comply with your obligations as an employer/business owner in the collection and protection of data, such as employee personal information or consumer data.

How we help

We can assist with Group Policy Management on a one-off basis, as needed, or ongoing as part of a Managed IT Services agreement.

As a foundation, we can:

  • Map computers to the right shared drives and printers
  • Pre-set users to have admin rights on certain computers or across all computers in a specific department
  • Set a standard screensaver or login screen
  • Enforce password rules
  • Add a new printer so that it is available through the network
  • Add new controls or address issues remotely when the need arises

There are also many other nifty features that can be added with Group Policy Management. Once we understand your environment, and what you want to achieve, we can help you determine which features will provide the best benefits for you.

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