How protecting your email can save your business

To respond or not to respond?

That is a question you’d rather not leave in the hands of human error when it comes to responding to an unknown email.

Email is one of the world’s most used communication and marketing channels in business, so it’s no surprise that it’s also quite susceptible to the likes of spam and malicious hackers.

According to a US research firm, the number of email users worldwide will top 3.0 billion by 2020. This equates to almost half the global population – which is why it’s such an enticing avenue for criminals!

Cybercriminals target email users through:

  • Spam
  • Phishing (pretending to be a business you know or trust)
  • Identity Theft
  • Malware

Taking a proactive approach to preventing an attack on your business is essential.

You could invest time and money training your employees on email security. However, keep in mind that some phishing emails are so cleverly crafted it’s almost impossible to tell that they’re fake. They even include branding and official letterheads for authenticity.

Some email hacking techniques see multiple emails sent that are designed to build a relationship with the user over time before requesting and stealing data.

Clicking on a link in an email can release malicious software onto your entire IT network. It may sit quietly in the background, tracking everything you do. Or, it may make your computers slow and unresponsive. Or, it may lock down all of your files and require you to pay a ransom before they are released back to you.

With almost all staff using email, human error is inevitable. Your data needs more than passwords, training, and hoping staff will be diligent enough to analyse every email that arrives in their inbox.

Email protection software

When you want to protect the integrity of your data, it’s important to take a digital strategy. In the case of emails, this means email protection software.

Email protection software works to identify theft and cybercrime opportunities from the onset to provide 24/7 security support. It also protects your customers’ systems when communicating with them with via email, since most threats are found in unauthorised links and false attachments.

Installed and managed correctly, email protection software filters all of your company’s emails before allowing them to reach their designated inbox. If the email is likely to present a threat, it will be held.

To ensure you get the emails you want, we can help you set up allowances for emails you trust so they always make it through. We will also show you how to login and view held emails, so that you can clear them if they are legitimate.

Importantly, the best email protection software updates regularly so that it’s always protecting against the latest spam or malware outbreaks.

At Empreus IT, we understand the detrimental effects one incorrectly opened email can have on a business, so we’ve teamed up with leading email protection software providers to help protect your business and your clients during every day email transactions.

No business is too small to consider email protection. We can install it for you, or add it as part of a Managed Services agreement, so you are assured of constant monitoring, management and security of all your IT systems.

For more information on security recommendations for your business, or for an affordable quote, please call our team at Empreus IT on (02) 6189 1322 or contact us here.