The communication lines into and out of your business are critical to your success. If your customers can’t contact you, they may very well end up contacting someone else!

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communication systems offer a reliable and less expensive way to communicate than the traditional public switched telephone network PSTN. But, as with any technology, it must be managed effectively to ensure issues are addressed quickly and before they interrupt business operations.

We provide fixed price Managed Services for onsite and cloud VoIP that includes:

  • Hardware installation
  • Service management
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrades
  • Repairs

We can also set up measures to ensure no call goes unanswered if your internet goes down or your phones stop working.

If you already have VoIP, we can act as your internal support team and keep everything running smoothly. If something goes wrong, we can take on the burden of liaising with your VoIP provider, and talk with them in tech speak so that issues are resolved quickly and cost effectively.

If you don’t already have VoIP (or you would like to upgrade to a newer system), we can organise installation and setup for you. Our preferred brand is Yealink due to their quality, price, and wide product variety.

Learn more about Cloud VoIP.

For more information about our VoIP Managed Services, call us on (02) 6189 1322 or contact us.