Imagine you had a little IT fairy flying about your business all day, checking to see that everything was running as it should be, and waving its magic wand whenever it spotted a problem.

That’s what the Empreus IT monitoring tool does for your business.

As part of our Managed IT Services arrangement, we install a monitoring agent that alerts us to any potential issues or threats that could compromise your business.

This includes:

  • integration with endpoint protection
  • intelligent risk assessments
  • real time monitoring to ensure maximum efficiency of IT
  • early detection of failing hardware
  • system update requirements
  • out of date patches

In addition to being able to warn you (so you can provide timely staff reminders about the dangers of opening certain files or links), the automatic alert system allows us to run full scans quickly to eliminate nasty viruses before they do serious damage.

We can also nip hardware problems in the bud, before you’re staring at a blank screen or a broken server.

Flexibility guaranteed

The monitoring tool comes standard in our premium Managed Services agreements, or can be added to a customised Managed Services agreement that includes only the services you want or need the most.
It’s another way of building proactive IT measures into your business, to support the IT that supports you.

To order your IT fairy, call us on (02) 6189 1322 or contact us.