Passwords are a vital element for protecting the data in your online accounts – particularly if your business operates in the cloud.

However, gaining oversight of how your staff create and store their passwords is no easy feat. This is especially difficult when the company has shared passwords which are relevant to some staff, yet off-limits to others.

Without an effective system, your business is highly vulnerable to a breach – be it an internal one or an external breach from skilled hackers.

Empreus IT can help you implement an effective system that takes the pain, hassle and risk out of password management.

An effective password management solution

Imagine a cloud-based password management system that was able to:

  • automatically generate high strength passwords for staff
  • store all passwords securely
  • restrict access to passwords based on a user’s role
  • track security risks or breaches
  • show you who is accessing sensitive data and when

In addition to greater security and oversight, you can also eliminate the constant IT support requests for password resets.

These are just some of the features of Bitwarden, a leading password management solution complete with end-to-end data encryption for the best in password protection.

Bitwarden as a Managed Service

We can set up your business with everything it needs to use Bitwarden effectively, and then manage it for you on an ongoing basis.

This includes:

  • account creation
  • full organisational structure
  • role-based access and restrictions
  • changes and support as required
  • staff training

Don’t let one of the best security defences – your passwords – become your greatest security risk.

To find out how we can support your business with Bitwarden as a Managed Service, simply contact us.