Printer Services Canberra

The office printer is an essential part of your IT environment, but it’s also a common source of frustration. From maintenance and repairs to printer leases and disposal, we’ve got all your printer needs sorted.

Printer maintenance and repair

Printers can break down for all sorts of reasons, most of which are undetectable to the untrained eye. If your printer is leased and under warranty, a major breakdown is usually covered under warranty and your supplier should send out a technician.

However, if you’re having to endure painful printing errors, issues with networking (your computer won’t connect to the printer) and so on, you will need a local IT specialist to fix the problem.

We are highly experienced in fixing printer problems of all kinds – from troubleshooting and replacing cartridges to complete breakdowns or upgrades.

Managed printer services

Need to procure a new printer? We’ll help you choose the right printer to suit your requirements, and ensure you have the support moving forward so everything works seamlessly.

You can rely on Empreus IT for printer:

  • purchases
  • installations
  • networking
  • troubleshooting and errors
  • upgrades

As part of managed services, we’ll also be alerted to issues such as low toner or mechanical faults and can organise a technician to visit you before it becomes a problem.

All your IT solutions are at Empreus IT.