A router is a device that directs traffic across a network.

It shouldn’t be confused with a modem, which is the device that accesses the internet. A modem is often connected to the router – so internet traffic flows into the modem and through the router before reaching your network (and vice versa).

Some routers have built in firewalls, though it’s generally better to have a dedicated firewall device as the 2-in-1 version is often less effective.

Just as you can get different computers with different functions and capabilities (leading to a different user experience), you can also get different routers.

Choosing the right router is important because the quality of a router will often determine the perceived quality of your internet connection. It can be the difference between seamless connectivity for your users, and a slow, choppy or completely unstable internet experience.

The latest routers (such as certain ranges from Juniper or Cisco) offer all kinds of impressive features, such as:

  • Next-generation connectivity
  • Comprehensive security
  • Scalability
  • Automation (through incorporation of AI)
  • Cloud-based monitoring and management

These may not be useful to the typical home user, but can offer significant benefits for small to medium enterprises.

How we can help

Although you may get a free router from your Internet Service Provider, we would strongly advise you invest in your own router – particularly if you are running a business that manages confidential data. Under Australian law, you are legally responsible for protecting your customers’ privacy if your business has an annual turnover of more than $3 million.

We can help you choose a quality router that will offer high end protection and help you meet your compliance obligations.

Our goal is to ensure that if something happens, you’re prepared. While we hope you never need it, you will be super grateful to have it if it does.

Cyber security is as important to your business as insurance. Don’t get caught out without it.

For a security audit on your IT environment, and for help choosing hardware that will improve your security posture, please call Empreus IT on (02) 6189 1322 or contact us.