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The Benefits of Hardware as a Service

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) is where you lease your computer hardware from a service provider instead of purchasing it outright. Many business owners opt for a HaaS procurement model because it eliminates the cost barrier to access the latest technology and makes it possible to roll out an entire IT infrastructure without a substantial upfront investment. HaaS is combined with a Managed IT Services agreement so that both the hardware and IT environment are proactively monitored and managed by IT specialists.

Access the Latest Hardware for a Fixed Monthly Cost

This is ideal for startups and established small to medium-sized businesses. HaaS offers many advantages, such as:

No up-front payment – select from our extensive range of the latest hardware and incorporate the cost into a monthly lease fee.

No-fuss repairs – if something goes wrong, your Hardware as a Service provider will be there to fix it, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with manufacturers and warranties.

Scale quickly – as your business grows and you need new hardware, add to your existing agreement and get your new devices delivered and installed immediately.

Managed installation and maintenance – you can have your hardware installed and fully set up on-site, with regularly scheduled maintenance, upgrades, and real-time security monitoring to give you peace of mind.

Access to the latest technology – when your agreement ends, you can choose to sign a new contract, with a full review of your existing assets and the opportunity to upgrade to newer devices. You may also be eligible for certain tax benefits, which you can discuss with your accountant.

Why choose Empreus IT Support for your HaaS?

At Empreus IT, we make HaaS super simple:

  1. Select all the hardware you need
  2. Choose your level of service agreement
  3. Sign a contract
  4. We deliver and install your new hardware
  5. We maintain your IT environment as per our agreement

When your agreement ends, you can either sign a new agreement with the same hardware, upgrade your hardware, or ask us for a buy-out price to purchase some or all of your existing hardware. All of our services are 100% tailored to meet the unique IT needs of your business – whether you operate a small local startup or have several offices in multiple states.

Contact Empreus It Support today to learn more about Hardware as a Service and Managed IT Services and how we can implement these services for your business.