Virtualisation is software that allows you to run multiple operating systems and applications on the same server at the same time.

This prevents you from having to purchase different servers for different functions. The benefits include:

  • Reduced costs in outlay, storage and upkeep of hardware
  • Less storage space needed
  • Maximises use of a single machine
  • Less downtime and unplanned outages
  • Allows you to scale
  • Easier to move to the cloud

One of the biggest benefits of virtualisation is the ability to virtually “pick up and move” your server if anything happens to the physical server it sits on.

If your server breaks down, the virtual version of the server can simply be moved to another server – meaning you can keep working and your business can keep running.

If you choose to upgrade your server, you can simply migrate to the new host and it will boot up as normal (without needing to re-install all of your software).

Our Datto backup solution works seamlessly with virtualised servers, ensuring that in the event of a breakage or virus, the server can be quickly recreated so that everything continues to run as usual.

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