Cyberattacks have become incredibly sophisticated in recent years – costing organisations millions of dollars and putting brand reputations at risk.

When your website is compromised, you immediately lose visitors (and potential sales) due to warnings or restrictions from their antivirus software. If your website is injected with hidden malware, such as within an online PDF, unsuspecting visitors may accidentally download a virus which then compromises your reputation and people’s trust in your business.

Even the biggest brands in the world have fallen prey to website attacks and, while it’s not your fault, it is ultimately your responsibility.

Protect your website, and your customers, with real time website security services from Empreus Domains.

Above and beyond the standard SSL website requirement, we offer a full range of advanced website security solutions, such as:

  • ongoing malware scans
  • 2FA for secure login to restricted areas
  • code injection prevention software

To learn more, visit Empreus Domains website security.