Website Services In Canberra

Your website is key to effectively marketing your business. It’s how customers learn about your products and services, buy from you, and share what you do with others. Build a remarkable online presence with support from Empreus IT.


Secure your website domain with confidence from Empreus Domains.

As a trusted local provider, you can rest assured that purchasing your domain through us means it will be kept safe for as long as you need it.

Get automated renewal reminders so you never risk losing your web address, and fast access to our skilled local team for support if you ever have questions or concerns.

Not happy with your current domain provider? Simply transfer your domain to us.

Web hosting

Hand the stress and hassle of managing your website to the experienced team at Empreus Domains.

As an extension of Empreus IT Support, we provide the entire lifecycle of website development and management so you have peace of mind that a skilled team is supporting you while you focus on growing your business.

Our hosting is designed to scale with your needs, from basic web hosting packages to ultra-high capabilities to support large WordPress sites.

We also provide an array of useful optional extras, such as:

  • cloud distribution networks
  • hosting for specialty applications
  • hosting for Squarespace or Wix sites

With a 30-day money back guarantee, you can trial our services completely risk free.

Custom websites

If you can dream it, we can build it! Our website development service includes everything you need to create a bespoke online presence that captivates your customers.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or your business already has a simple website in desperate need of a professional upgrade, our team will work with you to map out the design before putting our skilled developers to work.

Our website services include:

  • 100% customised design
  • mobile friendly
  • associated mobile app development
  • domain, hosting, email add-ons
  • website security and back up add-ons

As a holistic and seamless solution, we also provide full management of your website once it’s done – be it changing content and images, or adding new web pages as needed.

Website backups

Imagine navigating to your business website, and finding nothing more than a blank page. This has happened to countless business owners across the globe who have fallen prey to malicious online entities seeking to extort brands via large ransom demands.

Issues with your website can also occur for many other reasons – such as a bad update to your content management system which ultimately damages your site’s integrity.

Gain peace of mind that your website is fully protected with complete website backups from Empreus Domains.

We ensure backups run automatically every day, so if anything happens we can immediately restore your site to its original state.

Website security

When your website is compromised, you immediately lose visitors (and potential sales) due to warnings or restrictions from their antivirus software. If your website is injected with hidden malware, such as within an online PDF, unsuspecting visitors may accidentally download a virus which then compromises your reputation and people’s trust in your business.

Even the biggest brands in the world have fallen prey to website attacks and, while it’s not your fault, it is ultimately your responsibility.

Protect your website, and your customers, with real time website security services from Empreus Domains.

Above and beyond the standard SSL website requirement, we offer a full range of advanced website security solutions, such as:

  • ongoing malware scans
  • 2FA for secure login to restricted areas
  • code injection prevention software

To learn more, visit Empreus Domains website security.

Email hosting

Your emails are one of your most critical business tools – keeping you connected with staff and giving customers an easy way to engage with you.

Configure and manage your emails properly with support from our technical experts at Empreus Domains.

We go above and beyond to engineer an email solution that’s both incredibly reliable and scalable. Be it a basic email server exchange, or Office 365 or Google Mail for integration with your existing tech stack, we’ve got you covered.

Ask us how we can also help protect your IT network with advanced spam filtering and other security capabilities designed to keep your business and its data secure.

Managed website services

Tired of fussing about with your website and want to focus on running your business?

Ask us to manage your website for you, with managed website services that allows us to take care of:

  • SSL certificate updates
  • patching
  • minor changes to content and imagery

We will also regularly check that your website is being indexed correctly by major search engines, to ensure your customers can always find you.

All your IT solutions are at Empreus IT.