Why choose HaaS to launch or scale your business faster

Starting and growing a business is hard work, and the investment to get it off the ground can be crippling.

This is why many business owners choose to lease, not buy, the majority of their business items:

Commercial premises? Leased.

Company car? Leased.

Plant, machinery and equipment? Leased.

Without this option, the outlay to purchase everything that’s needed could quickly surpass the $1million mark – making many businesses unviable before they’ve even had a chance to get off the ground.

With modern technology now a vital component in every business, the cost barrier to fully equip a new office with sufficient IT infrastructure can also be prohibitive. From servers, switches, routers and firewalls to desktops, laptops and phones, the expense is simply too high.

Coupled with the ever evolving nature of technology, and the business efficiencies that can be gained from leveraging the latest advancements, leasing IT equipment instead of purchasing it outright has soared in popularity.

What happens when you lease your IT equipment?

Leasing your IT hardware is otherwise known as “Hardware as a Service”, or HaaS.

The process is very similar to leasing a car or office space in that you:

  1. Select what you want
  2. Get a quote
  3. Sign a lease agreement
  4. Use the item(s) until the lease agreement ends

Once the agreement ends, you can opt to enter a new agreement with the same items or replace them with newer ones. Often you’re also able to purchase them at a fair market price.

The only difference with HaaS is that lease agreements are often coupled with a Managed IT Services agreement. This ensures the hardware is well cared for by IT professionals during your lease period, and any issues can be addressed quickly.

Why lease your IT equipment?

In addition to potential tax advantages, there are 5 key benefits that make HaaS an attractive option for small to medium enterprises.

These include:

  1. No up-front payments, so you can launch your business faster
  2. No-fuss repairs, because it’s all taken care of in your Managed Services agreement
  3. Fast scaling, with the ability to add new hardware to your agreement any time
  4. Professional installation and ongoing maintenance, included in your agreement
  5. Access to the latest technology, with no need to shell out for upgrades every time a new model is released

At Empreus IT, we also find that our clients love HaaS because it forms the foundation for an ongoing relationship with a trusted outsourced provider.

Instead of worrying about their IT set up, maintenance, security and costs, they are able to concentrate on delivering for customers and growing their business.

To learn more about HaaS and our tailored Managed IT Services agreements – including the benefits they could deliver for your business – simply contact us.