Every server needs an operating system, and Microsoft Windows Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server are generally the most common and highly regarded by technical experts.

Microsoft Windows Server already has a number of security features that come as standard. However, if they are not configured properly, it can have definite impacts on the security of your server and IT environment.

For instance:

  1. An installation of Windows Server will result in a suite of programs being added to your server – with their default settings left on. Some of these settings can cause unwanted services to run, leading to unwanted traffic making its way to your server (a potential pathway for hackers).
  2. Default passwords don’t get changed, making it easier for hackers to “guess” them and penetrate the system.
  3. Exploitable bugs in server applications aren’t repaired, offering a new corridor for hackers.
  4. User rights and permissions haven’t been set up correctly, which can allow unwanted access to restricted information (even by your own staff).

These are just some of the potential security threats that can exist when server security is not configured properly.

Getting hacked is not just a case of “bad luck”. Most servers that operate online are attacked thousands of times every hour – with the hacker looking for the smallest opportunity to breach the system. Every step you take towards enhancing your IT security is a step towards avoiding that happening.

How we can help

We will configure your Windows Server security settings to ensure they provide maximum security for your server and your business.

This includes:

  • Reviewing hardware rules
  • Allowing/blocking particular programs through firewall
  • Setting user rights and permission
  • Viewing/changing open ports that allow access to the server

This is a high level overview of what needs to occur, because in actual fact we make about 20-30 small changes to the “default” settings via a process called “server hardening”.

This is one of the best ways to ensure a more secure operating environment, and can help you meet your obligations under the law for protecting the personal information of your staff and consumers.

To learn more about improving your Windows Server security, give Empreus IT a call on (02) 6189 1322 or contact us.