Our mission is to enable your success by empowering you with effortless IT.

Whatever you do, no matter how small or large your organisation – you deserve:

  • to be supported by IT that works
  • a trusted partner to call on when things go south
  • the best possible customer service, no matter what
  • access to local IT support that doesn’t cost a fortune

This is the service we pride ourselves on offering at Empreus IT Support.

We don’t care how long you’ve been in business or how many staff you have. If you are our customer, you get 100% of our attention with totally personalised service, every single time you call.

Take your business to a new level

Most business owners hear how others have leveraged tech to become more productive, efficient and innovative.

But they have no idea how to make it happen for them.

This is where we can help. Whether you’re a small business or a medium enterprise, we’ll show you how to implement the latest technologies to change the way you work.

Why us?

We are passionate, experienced and here for you.

All our staff are qualified experts, and we offer a complete suite of IT services – from general IT support to managed services, cloud services, IT security, VoIP and more. This means we can handle any IT need you have, and you can avoid dealing with 10 different organisations to get the service and results you want.

We are also 100% local – so you’ll never be at the receiving end of a random call centre, being passed from one level of tech support to another. If you need us onsite, we can be there.

And we’re only ever a phone call away…

Our commitment

At Empreus IT, we are committed to doing right by our customers and the communities we operate in.

Our commitment to the environment: We are committed to the safe and environmentally responsible recycling of all products, and follow best practice when disposing of any IT hardware. We employ a re-use policy wherever possible, and frequently donate second-hand equipment to charities and schools.

Our commitment to security: We stay up to date with the latest IT security standards, and go above and beyond to protect our customers and their IT environments with informed advice and quality products and services. This includes offering a free data wipe service for hardware that is no longer in use, and a Certificate of Disposal service to businesses where required.

Our commitment to customers: We endeavour to provide high quality IT support services that deliver real and positive business impacts. Our mission is to always deliver on the promises we make, and proactively work with our customers to build lasting partnerships that help their businesses thrive.

All your IT solutions are at Empreus IT.