Earth-Friendly Recycling In Canberra

At Empreus IT, we are committed to the safe and environmentally responsible recycling of all products and follow best practice when disposing of any IT hardware. We employ a re-use policy wherever possible, and frequently donate second-hand equipment to charities and schools.

No-cost IT recycling service

At no cost to you, we recycle:

  • batteries
  • desktops and monitors
  • laptops
  • keyboards and mice
  • phones
  • printers
  • printer cartridges

Simply drop yours off at our Fyshwick office and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Disposal as a managed service

Throwing any IT hardware into a general waste bin presents a risk to your business and can lead to fines. Items such as batteries are highly hazardous, including rechargeable batteries and lithium ion batteries which could spark and cause a fire. The same applies to empty printer cartridges which contain highly toxic chemicals.

If your business has a frequent need to dispose of printer cartridges, batteries or IT hardware, simply ask us to add disposal to a managed IT services agreement for you. This means we will leave a disposal bin on site and stop by your office to collect it as required.

Hard-drive wiping

It’s essential to wipe a hard drive on a computer or laptop before destroying it, as the hardware often contains personal data or intellectual property (including private customer data). There are laws around how customer data must be stored, and a business that does not take the appropriate measures to keep it safe can face serious penalties.

To keep yours and your customers’ data secure, we offer a complete hard drive wipe and disposal service. We can also provide a Certificate of Disposal to prove the hard drive has been destroyed and any sensitive information it contained can no longer be accessed.

All your IT solutions are at Empreus IT.