Networks Canberra

Your network is the foundation of your IT environment, and therefore central to the sustainability and success of your Canberra business. Get the support you need to effectively manage your network with managed network services from Empreus IT.  

Managed network services

Get 24/7 network monitoring to ensure:

  • 99.9% uptime
  • optimal network security
  • rapid response to any issues
  • unlimited network support

We also track all firmware so your systems stay up to date and secure, and you experience the benefits of IT that just works.


Ask us to manage all cabling for your network so your IT systems function optimally and your people are always connected.

From network cabling for a new business to adding new wireless access points for greater coverage across your premises, our network experts have got you covered.

Wireless access points

A poor internet connection can wreak havoc on productivity in your Canberra workplace.

We can work with you to uncover areas with a weak signal, and strategically install wireless access points to deliver a strong connection no matter where your people choose to do their work.

Guest networks

A guest network allows your customers and patrons to connect to the internet in your premises at no charge. Guest networks are proven to improve customer experience, and entice them to stay longer and return more frequently.

We can help you configure a guest network so you can provide this valuable service to your customers while protecting the integrity of your private network.


SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network) allows you to connect users across multiple sites directly with applications and data for enhanced security and optimised connectivity.

This cloud-based technology is designed for modern IT environments, and is ideal for businesses with different sites – whether they be within the same state or across the country.

We can deploy SD-WAN for your Canberra business and assist with end-to-end configuration, as well as ongoing management and support as needed.

All your IT solutions are at Empreus IT.