IT Security Canberra

Effective IT security has never been more critical to protect your Canberra business, staff and customers. Gain peace of mind knowing that every aspect of your IT environment is secured with support from Empreus IT Support.

Network security

Protect your network with the latest firewalls and routers, equipped with:

  • real time monitoring
  • advanced programming features
  • next level threat protection
  • automatic remediation
  • effortless scalability
  • seamless integration with other cybersecurity capabilities

We can help you choose the right system to suit your Canberra business and configure it to provide the level of protection you need.

Server security

Out of the box, Windows and Linux servers do not come optimised for security. This can leave your organisation open to penetration by the millions of worldwide hackers that will attempt to break into it thousands of times a day.

The process of optimising security on your server is called “server hardening”, and it’s one of the most important security steps you can take.

We will configure your new server to ensure maximum security, and help you meet your obligations under the law for protecting the personal information of your staff and consumers.

Group policy management

Group policy management controls how certain users and departments in your business can access information on your server.

It allows you to:

  • ensure users can only see what you want them to see
  • block or restrict access to “management only” folders
  • enforce password controls and complexity
  • set a standard screensaver and login screen
  • prevent unidentified users from accessing the network

We can assist with group policy management as part of a managed IT services agreement.

Software security

We provide a full range of software security services to safeguard your business’s data. Some of these include:

Multifactor authentication: We can help you install a multifactor authentication tool across all devices to add an extra layer of security when logging into business applications.

Virtual private network: A VPN masks your IP address and scrambles data sent over the WiFi network. It stops cyber-attackers from accessing your browsing history and tracing your web activity. We can add a VPN to anything from a single device to your router or cloud services web server.

BitLocker management: BitLocker is a Windows built-in security feature that protects data by encrypting it to prevent data theft if your hard drive is stolen. Unfortunately, many people do not record their BitLocker recovery key. We can create a permanent record of your key with a documented asset tag – a low cost service that could save you and your business from total data loss in the future.

Mail protection: We can install a program to scan and filter emails before they reach you and your staff. This reduces the likelihood of spam emails with virus links being opened accidentally, and saves you time by reducing the amount of junk emails you receive.

Essential 8 cyber security tool: This tool measures your compliance against the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s Essential Eight Maturity Model. It helps improve your cybersecurity posture and supports potential insurance claims in the event of an attack.

Physical access security

We can work with you to map an entire on-premise security system including cameras, keyless doors, and swipe passes or codes for controlled access.

This includes configuring cloud storage for your camera feed to ensure you always have a backup readily available if needed.

IT disposal

Although your old devices may feel like garbage when they break down, you certainly can’t treat them that way. The hard drives in your devices contain private information which can put you and your business at risk if they fall into the wrong hands.

Even when you delete files from a device, they can still be recovered using special tools designed to restore erased content. The only true way to prepare a device before you dispose of it is to wipe the hard drive clean.

We offer a trusted hard drive wiping service, guaranteed to remove every last trace of data from any device so that it is no longer recoverable. You can also ask us to dispose of your IT hardware responsibly if you no longer need it.

Backup and disaster recovery

Unfortunately, data loss can and does happen – either due to a cyberattack, malicious insider activity, or accidental deletion.

We offer flexible backup and disaster recovery solutions depending on the size and nature of your business. This includes on-premise and cloud backups that are capable of rapidly restoring saved data in the event of any loss.

While we cannot make any guarantees in regards to recovery, we will work closely with you to exhaust every possible avenue to help you recover from data loss.

Managed IT security

Why not bundle all of your IT security needs into a managed IT services agreement?

Select from any or all of our security services, with a 100% tailored agreement that will meet your business needs and appetite for risk.

To discuss IT security as a managed service, call us on (02) 6189 1322 or contact us.

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