Canberra Datacentre services

As the value of data continues to sky rocket, businesses are increasingly looking to datacentres as a way to store and manage the mass of data collected across various business functions. That datacentre then becomes the lifeblood of the business – supporting critical systems and information that is essential to operations.

For this reason, you want a team who will care for your datacentre across its entire lifecycle and as though it was their very own.

Datacentre management

We provide a full range of datacentre management services. Working under a tailored managed services agreement, we:

  • guarantee 99.9% uptime
  • maximise physical and network security
  • remotely monitor your environment in real time
  • provide rapid response to any issues
  • track assets across their lifecycle
  • procure new hardware as required

We also provide complete documentation so you always have full oversight of your IT environment.

Whether your datacentre comprises tens, hundreds or even thousands of servers, our IT and networking specialists can help you get the best out of your environment so you can focus on running your business.

Datacentre repairs and service

When something goes wrong in your datacentre, you want it fixed pronto! Downtime impacts operations and service delivery, and can have a negative impact on your reputation with customers.

At Empreus IT, we provide a full suite of repairs and servicing for datacentres such as:

  • issue investigation
  • parts replacements
  • in warranty and out of warranty servicing

We have a huge range of replacement parts on hand, or can source your preferred network products on your behalf – from switches and routers to CPUs and power supplies.

You can count on us for rapid response, and we’ll happily tailor a managed services agreement to provide ongoing support as you require it.

Datacentre security

As the hub of your business, the security of your datacentre is paramount. Any gaps place your entire organisation at financial, legal and reputational risk.

Effective datacentre security requires much more than a few padlocks and an endpoint security solution. It demands constant monitoring to keep on top of all penetration attempts, and make sure the network stays a step ahead of threats at all times.

We offer a full range of datacentre security services under tailored managed services agreements, including:

  • physical barriers and locking systems
  • identity and access management solutions
  • test and tag
  • network segregation
  • firewalls
  • leading edge security software
  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • full security documentation

End of life and disposal

When you run your own datacentre, you need complete oversight of the lifecycle of every device. As a complex ecosystem, a single unforeseen hardware issue can impact the entire network – potentially having a disastrous impact on your business operations and ability to service customers.

At Empreus IT, we stay on top of your device lifecycles so you don’t have to.

This includes:

  • documenting a complete asset inventory with end of life dates
  • automated flagging before hardware is set to expire
  • complete wiping of data from expired hard drives
  • safe disposal of all IT hardware
  • procurement of new hardware

It’s all part of our tailored managed services agreements – designed to maximise the efficiency of your datacentre while supporting your business to be the best it can be.

All your IT solutions are at Empreus IT.