Add a dedicated phone line to your business with inexpensive and scalable Cloud VoIP technology.

Similar to standard VoIP that uses the internet to make phone calls (rather than the telephone network), Cloud VoIP goes a step further to offer Cloud management through a virtual server.

Cloud VoIP is perfect for start-ups, micro businesses and small businesses that want:

  • A dedicated phone line
  • The ability to add new lines
  • Mobility
  • A cost effective option

Keep in mind that VoIP means you must have internet for the phones to work. If you often have a lot of staff (i.e.: 5 or more) using the phones at the same time, we will need to set up a dedicated internet line specifically for the phones so you don’t lose connectivity elsewhere.

Although this can add to the cost, VoIP – and Cloud VoIP in particular – are considered a very cost effective option. Instead of paying to “rent a line” every month, you are paying a small fee to “rent a number”.

How we can help

Call us to set up a Cloud VoIP system for your business.

We can:

  • Assess what you need
  • Discuss providers
  • Perform installation
  • Configure phone and call settings
  • Show you how to use it
  • Provide ongoing support via Managed Services or on an as needed basis

If you want to add and allocate new numbers, simply ask us. Cloud means we can login remotely any time and provide support quickly and easily.

We can organise Cloud VoIP through your chosen service provider, or recommend providers that we regularly use and trust.

To learn more about Cloud VoIP for your business, give Empreus IT a call on (02) 6189 1322 or contact us.