A firewall is an essential security layer that protects your IT network.

Firewalls can be software or hardware. Software firewalls are generally incorporated into most operating systems, and offer a little extra security for your device.

Most businesses require much better protection than these types of firewalls. We recommend a quality firewall hardware solution. This adds a protective layer between your internet connection and your private network.

Firewall hardware looks like a little box, and is solely dedicated to improving security. It doesn’t affect the performance of individual devices as firewall software is known to do.

How firewalls work

Firewalls work by filtering information coming through the internet into your network.

They can be programmed to blacklist specific IP addresses, ports and types of traffic (TCP and UDP) that could potentially devastate your IT environment.

The latest firewalls can also provide:

  • Login capabilities to see every application and operating system using your network in real time
  • Advanced threat protection
  • Automatic remediation solutions
  • Better integration with other security measures

How we help

While most businesses need a firewall, most businesses also have no idea why they need it, which one they should choose, and how to install it correctly.

This is why it’s essential to have a qualified expert in your corner. We can help you choose the right system to suit your business, and set it up so that you have the level of protection you need.

We can also integrate firewall tracking and management into a Managed Services agreement so you can sleep well knowing someone has an eye on your system at all times.

Firewall is not a set and forget addition to your network. You need to be prepared to:

  • monitor and upgrade it
  • update the IP address block list as new threats emerge
  • update geo-blocking (restricting IPs from certain regions/countries)
  • check and investigate attempts on the server

We can provide this and more with Managed Services, and ensure you get a full return on investment from your firewall.

To learn more about firewalls, or to get a firewall installed, give us a call on (02) 6189 1322 or contact us.