2019 tech predictions you don’t want to ignore

2018 was a massive year for tech advancement, with new developments making communication, collaboration, and systemisation much faster and simpler than ever before.

As we head into a year filled with the promise of even greater technological achievement with AI, blockchain, robotics, Cloud, 5G communications and more, we appear to be edging ever-closer to the futuristic worlds that awed – and sometimes scared – us in movies such as the Fifth Element and Minority Report.

With new changes creating new risks, we wanted to shine a light on a few areas we believe will have a direct impact on SMEs this year.

Here are our top 4 tech predictions for 2019 that you shouldn’t ignore:

Cloud rules…but at what cost?

Cloud was on everyone’s lips in 2018, as business owners looked for any and all ways to jump on the bandwagon and incorporate Cloud into their business.

And while there are numerous benefits to Cloud technology, some businesses were shocked to find that the cost of moving to Cloud storage far exceeded their expectations (and their budget).

The market is dominated by a small number of major players who all offer similar pricing structures, so it can be difficult to find a stand-out deal on Cloud storage. For those businesses that require a lot of storage, the monthly fees can add up to more than the outright cost of a beefy in-house server over just one year.

Does this mean you should do away with Cloud altogether?

No. It just means that before you take a leap into a new technology – even when everyone is touting it as “the next best thing” – you should understand the costs and make an informed decision that’s right for your business.

There are multiple cloud strategies, including staged and hybrid approaches that may be more appropriate for you. If you’re not sure, ask us to do an objective analysis on your business so we can help you make a sound decision.

Hackers will get better

Many people read about the Marriott’s Starwood hotels hack that may have resulted in the private data of as many as 500 million guests across 4 years being compromised. Essentially, the hackers could have obtained enough information about a single person to be able to verify 100 points of ID (allowing them to assume your identity and run up horrendous bills).

Most recently, it was also reported that an incredible 773 million email addresses and passwords were hacked and released to a hacking forum.

With increasingly clever tech at their disposal, hackers are only getting better at finding ways to penetrate systems and steal company data.

If you don’t invest in proper security, you are at risk. If you don’t train your staff on how to be security-conscious when opening emails, visiting websites, or downloading files, you are at risk.

Security management of IT requires diligent monitoring and a dedication to keeping commercial-grade antivirus software up-to-date and working effectively.

Don’t waste money on tech that will quickly be superseded

Before upgrading any devices (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) this year, first check to see what new technology may be just around the corner.

For example, if you plan to upgrade your phone you may want to hold off until your favourite manufacturer incorporates 5G-compatible hardware. 5G communications will be turned on around the country from as early as 2019, and will allow you to send and receive data faster than ever before.

New phones will likely be 4G and 5G compatible, whereas older phones are 3G and 4G compatible. If you can wait until the former becomes available, you should get a much better return on your investment. 

Anti-encryption laws open the door to trouble

Australia’s new anti-encryption laws require tech companies to give “backdoor access” to government security agencies so they can essentially read any text message or instant message you send over private networks such as WhatsApp, Slack and Facebook.

According to the Bill, companies should only create the backdoor if it doesn’t compromise security – however we know that any backdoor to software is a security risk. Hackers purposefully seek out backdoors to steal private information. So it’s going to be very difficult for these companies to comply with the laws and ensure 100% confidentiality for the messages you send.

If you are a tech company affected by this law, you may want to discuss it in depth with your lawyer or advisor so they can help you be compliant, but also go as far as possible in protecting users’ security.

Stay ahead of the pack

If you want a more proactive approach to IT management and security this year, ask us about Managed IT Services.

Managed IT Services means you’ll always have IT knowledge at your fingertips, plus 24/7 security monitoring, assurance on software updates, and much more.

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