Is your business equipped to succeed in the new normal?

Life has certainly changed over the past 2 years! In responding to a global pandemic, remote work has become a mainstay for businesses in almost every industry – made possible by accelerating digital transformation efforts which leverage technology to enable people to work “anytime and from anywhere”.

For a small business owner, digital transformation can mean many things. For a café, it may mean upgrading their website to provide online ordering and payments. For a dentistry practice, it could mean allowing self-service online bookings so patients can choose their appointment time without picking up the phone.

Small changes can make a big difference, and not all new technologies will be relevant to every business.

However, there is one core aspect of digital transformation that is common to all: connection.

There is no digital transformation without connection

Connection applies equally to technology and people.

For example, it’s likely that your business could not operate without an internet connection. It’s how your people connect to the business network and any cloud-based tools your business uses.

Without a trusted internet connection, any extra money your business spends on fancy applications and shiny new tech is likely to be wasted.

On the same token, a reliable internet and network connection provides the necessary foundation for people to connect with each other – be it your staff, customers, suppliers, and so on.

We constantly see small to medium businesses struggle with the service they receive from their internet service providers (ISPs), and the damage that can occur when their internet connection is lost – even just for a few hours.

This is why we recently introduced internet services available directly from Empreus IT, backed by reliable 4G fail-over if your normal service is disrupted.

Connection empowers communication and collaboration

In knowing that connectivity is protected, we can then help our customers achieve the seamless communication they aspire to so they can operate at their best in a modern world.

These are some of the communication add-ons we offer as part of our internet services:

  • VoIP phone systems – so you can make and receive calls from anywhere via the internet.
  • Softphones – so you can use your mobile like an office landline.
  • E-fax – to support small businesses such as GP practices where fax is still essential.
  • Collaboration and video conferencing tools – such as Office 365 and Microsoft Teams roll outs to enable teamwork no matter where people are working from.

In itself, these may be the only changes your business needs to succeed in this new digital normal.

If reliable internet connectivity is an issue for your business, or you simply want to explore the benefits of working with a provider who will consider your business transformation needs as a whole, please contact us.