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Keep losing your passwords? Here’s how to keep them safe

As you stare at the login screen on your computer, your mind goes blank. What did I make the password? Several possibilities come to mind, but as you type in each one and get rejected the anxiety and frustration builds.

Eventually you get locked out, and find yourself wasting more precious time waiting for the system to let you in again, support to get in touch, or the password reset process to complete.

In this new digital age, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of passwords that exist for every single account you have online. Some people deal with this by making all their passwords the same, or rotating between a few memorable ones.

However, this significantly increases the risk of a privacy breach. A hacker who makes thousands of daily attempts to learn your password only has to get it right once – and then they have access to all of your private details online.

This problem is only exacerbated when you’re trying to run a business and are accountable for all the passwords your staff use to access your systems. It’s a task that can get incredibly complex, and represent a huge potential risk to the company.

Luckily technology not only gives us these challenges, but also serves up clever solutions to them as well.

How to prevent weak or lost passwords

Just like every business process, password management requires an effective system with effective tools.

Solutions such as Bitwarden have been purpose built to take the pain, hassle and risk out of managing passwords by helping you create, store, track and securely share automatically generated high strength passwords.

For businesses, Bitwarden makes it easy to:

  • store all passwords securely
  • ensure staff do not have weak passwords
  • share passwords with only the staff who need them
  • track security risks or breaches
  • see who is accessing sensitive data and when

Most importantly, Bitwarden uses end-to-end data encryption so you can rest assured that your passwords are always safe while they reside in the platform.

Smart solutions such as Bitwarden are a much more effective and safe answer to password management than leaving staff to remember all their individual passwords, or having them record passwords on paper or in an unsecured document.

Why we use Bitwarden

We know our clients suffer from password management issues, and their data protection is our biggest concern at Empreus IT.

This is why we offer Bitwarden as a Managed Service, so our clients are not only equipped with a great solution but don’t have to waste time trying to set it up themselves.

Our IT specialists can configure the company’s organisational structure within the Bitwarden platform so it’s ready to roll out to all staff and they’re able to use it properly.

Regardless of whether you’re a sole operator or managing a team of thousands, a password management solution is the answer to keeping your passwords – and your data – safe.

To learn more about Bitwarden and Managed Services, contact Empreus IT on (02) 6189 1322.