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How Asset Tracking Can Assist Your Business

As a business grows over time, it is easy to accumulate much more IT than you realise. A new computer here, a tablet there – and before you know it, you’re not even sure what IT you own and who in your organisation is using it.

As a business owner, keeping track of all of your assets and knowing how many computers, laptops, tablets and printers you have and where they are located, when you have to upgrade software and hardware, and the total value of your IT is an essential aspect of running a business.

Knowing the technology and the ins and outs of the IT you use for your business is crucial–not only for financial and insurance purposes – but to protect against theft and manage IT effectively so that it continues to support your business now and into the future.

Managed Asset Services

Asset tracking is a service that IT experts provide as part of managed IT services arrangements. It is an automatic inclusion, helping IT specialists get a handle on what IT they are managing and giving their clients peace of mind that no IT goes unnoticed or forgotten in their business.

If you don’t need Managed Services, many professional IT companies also often offer asset tracking on a casual basis as required.

Professional asset management services includes:

Tagging all IT in your business with the IT company’s contact details handy, in case you need them.

Coordination ID – so we know what machine you are referring to when you call, and you know where all of your IT sits and who is using it.

Recording the dates when IT is purchased and, when the warranty expires, and the dollar value.

Updating all of this information regularly to ensure accuracy.

Asset tracking is a valuable tool for staying on top of your entire IT infrastructure and implementing an effective quality management system that ensures you can continue to deliver for your customers.

Empreus IT Support Managed Asset Services

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