accidental and theft insurance

Safeguard your digital assets with accidental and theft insurance

Every now and then in life we are reminded of Murphy’s Law, which warns us:

Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.

When it comes to your business’s IT devices though, leaving things to chance can have significant repercussions. In the hustle and bustle of a workday, accidents happen all the time – laptops fall, smartphones are misplaced, and tablets can be forgotten or stolen in public places.

For example, imagine you’re giving a presentation to potential clients and you accidentally knock your laptop off the table. Or perhaps an employee is on the tram to work and their company-issued phone slips out of their pocket and vanishes without a trace.

In addition to disrupting productivity, broken or misplaced devices can be costly to fix or replace. When you consider the added stress of restoring software and data, taking proactive action to mitigate these risks just makes good sense.

Standalone insurance coverage for your IT devices is a reasonable place to start, but can also become a hassle in itself. This is because it can be difficult to secure the right type of insurance to meet your business’s needs, and then it becomes yet another bill to pay with its own administrative burdens.

You also need to factor in what can be costly ad-hoc IT services to restore software or data if a device is broken or lost (provided you have the necessary backups).

Accidental and theft insurance as part of managed IT services

As an alternative solution, bundling your device coverage into a managed IT services agreement eliminates many of these issues while offering a host of other benefits.

At Empreus IT Support, we recently added accidental and theft insurance to our range of managed IT service options which gives our valued customers:

Fit-for-purpose coverage: Our insurance plans cover your business for exactly what you need, rather than overselling or under-covering your IT assets. You can get accidental and theft insurance for any number and type of IT devices.

Less downtime: We know downtime is crippling to business operations, so we work with you to get damaged or stolen devices swiftly replaced – minimising disruption so you can keep your business running smoothly.

Cost savings: Replacing IT equipment can be expensive. Our insurance helps you save money by reducing the financial burden of device replacement so you can put these funds to better use in your business.

Expert support: Because your IT devices are covered under a managed IT services agreement, we will be there to help you submit your insurance claim and get your repaired or new IT device up and running with ongoing access to our superior technical expertise.

Peace of mind: We love knowing we have found yet another way to give our customers peace of mind that their business’s IT systems are as supported and protected as possible.

In essence, incorporating accidental and theft insurance into a managed services agreement means taking the most proactive and holistic approach to successfully managing your IT environment.

From ensuring sufficient backups for data restoration through to full financial coverage for device remediation or replacement, you can rest assured that all bases are covered for your business’s continuity.

Don’t leave the protection of your valuable IT assets to chance. To learn more about our new accidental and theft insurance option as part of a managed IT services agreement, please call us on 6189 1322 or contact us.