Why we partner with experts

At Empreus IT, we value the knowledge and experience of experts. We could, as is common in the IT world, hire a collection of generalists and claim to do everything well. Instead, we believe in partnering with specialist organisations that can deliver solutions to our clients at a level that far exceeds their expectations.

Currently, Empreus IT is partnered with:

  • Ricoh Commercial ACT
  • IPC Solutions

Both organisations offer invaluable expertise and specialist tools that allow us to offer a broader range of products and services to our clients, while ensuring that they receive the best advice and equipment to achieve their business objectives.

Ricoh Commercial ACT

Ricoh Commercial ACT is a renowned printer company that supplies a complete range of printers, projectors, interactive whiteboards, digital cameras, digital sign in pads, and unified communication systems (i.e.: for video conferencing).

Our partnership with Ricoh Commercial ACT allows us to purchase their products on behalf of our clients, and receive exclusive support from a company that specialises in manufacturing high quality commercial hardware that supports business operations.

IPC Solutions

IPC Solutions provides VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone and teleconferencing solutions. Their server or cloud-based VoIP systems enable our clients to use the internet as a medium for telephone calls, which can be very cost effective and makes it easy to scale the number of incoming lines as the business grows.

Our partnership allows Empreus IT to implement quality VoIP systems in our clients’ workplaces that are effective, reliable and utilise the latest VoIP tech advances.

Our expertise

By focussing on what we do best, Empreus IT is able to provide a high level of service across:

Our expertise centres on the set-up and management of IT in the workplace. We do not proclaim to create our own technical devices or software. But we have immense respect for those who do, and appreciate our clients’ needs to utilise those devices and software within their workplace.

By partnering with Ricoh and IPC Solutions, we are able to extend those product offerings to our clients, while drawing on our knowledge and deep understanding of how they should be installed and managed, to create a holistic solution for all Empreus IT customers.

For more information about Ricoh or IPC Solutions products, or to discuss your IT needs, please call Empreus IT Support on (02) 6189 1322 or contact us now.